Welcome to Crossworld

"Welcome, fellow denizen, to the Crossworld!

The game has entered its closed Beta status, and invites are going out in small quantities. Soon however, the Open Beta will be launched and many more invites will be sent. While you're waiting join us as we discuss and explore this new world.

It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, and who can blame you for thinking so? I imagine yesterday you were merely at home, or perhaps on a war march? Regardless, you knew where you were and what you were about— now though… well, everything has changed." - Drakythe


Eveything has changed, the world as you knew it has become Disrupted and now you find that you are not alone. There are many new faces and strange new wonders to confuse and disorient you, but hopefully we can help. That's why you are here now isn't it?

Welcome to The Continuum, Welcome to The Crossworld

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  • Maelkoth's Corner is currently under Links.
  • A Mirror Wiki site in the works for when/if this one is unavailable.

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