There are 6 core characteristics to pay attention to in The Continuum, as well as a number of additional stats that should be discussed.

Strength (STR) - A measure of innate physical force

  • Effects:

1) Equals starting max Damage for Melee characters

2) Important factor in determining Attack Factor (AF) for melee characters

Intelligence (INT) - A measure of mental prowess

  • Effects:

1) Equals starting Damage for Ranged characters

2) Affects the % chance for a Squad to successfully Target One during Combat (if Character is Leader)

3) Important factor for determining AF for ranged characters

Willpower (WIL) - The force of a character's personality, persistence and beliefs

  • Effects:

1) Affects the % chance for a Squad to Retreat (if Character is Leader)

2) Affects the rate at which Morale drops for a Squad (if Character is Leader)

3) At Ability Level 2, starts to add to character's Morale (2 per Ability level)

4) Factors into the ability to resist/be missed by attacks of all kinds

Constitution (CON) - Hardiness and physical endurance

  • Effects:

1) Determines starting HP (HP = 2x starting CON)

2) Affects Defense Factor (DF), which helps the character avoid being affected by attacks of all kinds

3) At each purchased Ability Level, increasing CON increases HP

Dexterity (DEX) - Agility, accuracy and precision

  • Effects:

1) Affects AF

2) Affects DF

Speed (SPD) - Quickness and ability to cover distances


1) Determines the Movement Points for Characters (Movement = SPD/10)

2) Determines relative bonus/penalty to Initiative/order of action in combat.

3) Affects DF

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