There is alot, alot, of equipment to find in Crossworld. And soon you will be able to make your own equipment by Forging.
The basic equipment is common and only requires the skill of the type of equipment to be on the Character. The better the equipment [not always better but of higher skill] requires that level of training or ability. At Level 3 of the equipment skill your Character gains a bonus.
For a complete listing, or one that is as complete as we can get, visit Seige's website:


Adds damage to your Basic Attacks.


Adds HP to your Character as well as reduce damage.


Basic Items range from Sandals that increase speed to Amulets that increase AF.

Item Abilities

Some Items have Abilities.

  • For example the Drums allow a Character to use Rally 3 even if they would not normally be able to use it or even train for it.


Requires the Shield Skill in order to equip.


Requires the Mount Skill in order to equip.



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