OMG - Oh My God
Yes I know that most people know what this means, but I am adding it to the glossary as the first thing.

For all your terms and words that may not be blantantly obvious.

AP [Ability Points] - What you spend/use to give a unit new abilities, increased stats or allow the use of equipment.

AF [Attack Factor] - Determines your chance to hit another unit in combat minus DF.

Combat Instance - When two opposing Squads meet and you enter Combat.

DF [Defense Factor] - Determines how hard it is for a unit to be hit in combat.

DAM [Damage] - A measure of the physical harm brought to a target character.

MOB [Mobility] - The % chance that the character gets to take action during subsequent combat rounds.

XP [Experience Points] - A measure of the relative increase in skills that the character has attained since starting the game.

PV [Point Value] - A measure of the overall power of the character.

E [Element] - What you use to Buy Characters to use in the game.

MP [Movement Points] - How many tiles you can move on your turn. Divide Speed by ten and round up.

Tile(s) - The spaces on the map you move your Squads into. May have different DF bonus and MP amounts.

MOR - Morale: a measure of the spirit and fatigue of the character. Modifies AF and DF.

STR - Strength: a measure of physical power.

INT - Intelligence: a measure of mental prowess.

WIL - Willpower: the force of a character's personality, persistence and beliefs.

CON - Constitution: hardiness and physical endurance.

DEX - Dexterity: agility, accuracy and precision

SPD - Speed: quickness and ability to cover distances.

HP - Hit Points: a measure of life force.

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