In Game

How do I know it's my turn?

  • Just look at the upper left corner of the map. The current player's name will be listed followed by the word "Turn".

Slash Commands for Chat

/who - returns all users who are in the same room as you. Typing "/who PlayerName" will return what chat room or game that user is in along with their Skill and Title. Try "/who YourName" sometime…

/e or /emote - for emoting and taking role-playing action. Typing "/e smites the smug player." will return "TheWizard smites the smug player."

/roll - rolls a 1D100 random number. If you want to specify a range, type "/roll x y" for a number between x and y.

/afk or /away - will toggle you on and off of being "away from keyboard" so others know you're not around.

/t or /tell - use this to send private messages that only the person you're sending it to sees. Typing "/tell PlayerName Hi, how are you" will send "Hi, how are you" to PlayerName.

/r or /reply - will send a reply back to the last person who has sent you a /tell.

/chal or /challenge - type "/chal PlayerName" to challenge PlayerName to a battle.

/accept or /acceptchallenge - type "/accept PlayerName" to accept PlayerName's challenge to you.

/cancelchal or /cancelchallenge - cancels all challenges to you.

/clear - clears out the chat module

/help - returns a list of available chat commands.

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