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Welcome to my corner of the wiki! In this section I will be covering all of the many crazy ideas I get while thinking/obsessing about the Continuum. As things change, which they do quite quickly thanks to a great team of developers, I will edit this and try to keep it up to date on the things I feel are important to the game leading up to and after launch. I am always up for a good discussion, so if you see me on and have ideas or think my ideas won't work, let me know! I am usually up for a battle as well, so feel free to test your squads against me.

I want to start this with a short headline of the things I feel are most important, and hopefully can be implemented before launch.

*Edit 6/28
New #1 is… Eliminating the necessity to save AP.
By this, I am referring to how I have spent at most half of the AP on my level 6ish 2 squad army… and I am winning more often than not, because the AP that I am not spending on peripheral skills can not be very effectively spent until higher level abilities become available. This has an EXTREMELY negative effect on the way the game feels while leveling your characters, because it becomes about leveling your characters rather than playing the game. This type of thing needs to become obsolete by allowing enough abilities to be taken at lower levels. It's fine to save a few ap here or there, but to have close to half of a characters ap sitting unspent because they are needed for the build you want is ridiculous. I feel like if I want to be competitive while my characters are leveling I am going to have to respec most of them, possibly more than once even. This means that people who spend more money on respeccing will be able to attain better records/awards, and that isn't good. I don't think we could implement a feature of forcing characters to spend ap because of the respec option (it would be very difficult to respec in a way to still have this effect), so what it really comes down to is having enough abilities available at lower levels that are useful at any level. Abilities such as claw become useless when abilities such as chomp make it obsolete, and that leads to AP saving since chomp is only available at much higher level. I think primary attack options, the kind of skills that you build a character around, cannot be made available only at high levels. Introduce cool abilities that ENHANCE your character builds at higher levels, for example weapon mastery for brawlers, or invuln, or low charge powerful attacks such as headshot. Saving masticate for high levels means that you need to save ap by not spending on drain which will become obsolete later on.

2. Individually hitting characters with multiple target attacks (otherwise known as AoE). This is huge. My motto is that we can balance it all we like, but even if it is perfectly balanced, it still may not be right. In my opinion the gameplay instantly improves dramatically when/if this is implemented, and I hope that it is able to be integrated into the current system.

3. Balancing levels and rarity. To me this has much to do with ability progressions, as well as making sure we avoid overpowered rare/heroic abilities and avoid giving access to strong abilities only at high levels.

4. Making every character, stat, and ability interesting and worthwhile. Related to the last idea, basically this involves going through everything and making sure abilities are balanced and interesting. I feel that the lowest common ability should be about as useful as basic rare abilities, allowing charges and ap cost to balance the stronger abilities, and allowing the increased ap gain for rares/heroics to do its thing. Also, each stat should have reason to be increased for every character, requiring improvements to intelligence and strength.

5. Mobility. No one likes to sit and do nothing while getting killed, but some version of stun is important. Some of it is basic balancing of skills, but I feel it does require some system reworking/feature implementation to avoid abuse and allow for more enjoyable gameplay.

Outside of this, everything else is about shiny new features that will help make this game complete. Not to say these are unimportant, but these other things take top priority to me, and after these things are figured out the new features will be able to truly make the game great. And now, without further ado, the links to each page… feel free to leave comments/questions!

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