Maelkoth's Corner : Ability Diversification

Ability Diversification (And General Nerfing)

I’m going to stay on the topic of abilities here. There are many abilities in the game, and many of them have not been given the final touches. This is another thing that is constantly being improved, but I still have to mention it, talk about some specifics, and give my perspective on it.

To begin with, I think a general reduction of the chance of success in skills such as hamstring and maul is necessary. I would recommend something like 75% instead of 90% at lvl 5 should be a decent baseline, while skills could be easily balanced by lowering or raising that percentage. I also think a general reduction of charges on an individual basis is fair as well. 7 charges for most lvl 5 skills is a bit to much for me. I also think some skills don’t necessarily need to get more charges as it levels up, I could see some skills getting 3 charges at lvl 1 through lvl 5 and still having more than enough drawing points to be leveled up. The same can be said about the skills with a percent success rate, I could see maul being high the whole way through for example.

To address the diversity aspect of it, I feel that we should concentrate on staying away from duplicate skills. A basic example of this is eagle eye and precision, or claws and chomp, or death touch and killing blow, but I am also going to say that abilities such as concentrate, transcend, and to a lesser extent exploit weakness are quite similar. I love the change that was made to feral, and to illusion, in this last patch, showing me that more varied types of effects are coming. I have many ideas for differentiating abilities, but between something like chomp and claws, or concentrate and transcend, one is clearly better than the other right now, yet not really worthy of costing 2 ap. For the most part I think one primary balancing method for similar abilities with differing power should be charges. Between abilities such as death touch and killing blow, we can also adjust the percentage chance of success. For some time I have felt that a great example of a good way to separate the effects of these abilities would be reducing the percent chance of success on killing blow to 50% at level 5(as well as possibly reducing the charges a bit as well, maybe to 5, and making it 250 damage at lvl 5 too), while lowering the charges on death touch to at most 3 and keeping the success rate at 90%, making each ability have their pros and cons. Right now killing blow is a too strong, as there is no reason to ever take any other targeted attack over it and it comes on strong melee units. Between many other abilities, altering duration can be another good way to make skills different.

Here are some other ideas for different effects.

Precision – Increases chance of rolling a critical hit. This is much more interesting than a flat AF boost that could be gained in many other ways.

Exploit Weakness – I think this ability is much better represented by something like ‘Allows attacker to ignore X% of targets DV’, allowing the attacker to exploit the weakness of a tough target.

Eagle Eye – Eventually I think this should be providing scouting information about enemy troops in some way. This could keep some attack boost, maybe only to ranged attacks, but the scouting part would be the drawing point.

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