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All things Healerly

In my opinion, almost every healer ability is overpowered. It is hard to make a healer build that wouldn’t be extremely useful. The biggest problem to me is resurrect. The increase of targets makes it way too powerful, especially when the amount of charges and the amount of hp restored also go up. At high levels, if there is a higher or 2 alive they can basically resurrect the entire squad several times over. I am ok with creating a new mass resurrect ability that has maybe 1 charge and affects multiple targets, but I think normal resurrect should have at most 3 charges at lvl 5, and hit 1 target only. I am ok with it then restoring a decent amount of hp on the target, maybe a percentage like 50%. Another possible idea I have had is having a debuff appear on any character each time he is resurrected, giving a penalty to several key stats, or AF and DF, or morale or whatever, representing that the character just DIED! I feel that death should be a more serious condition than it is right now, and this would help.

Restore to me is also too strong. A 100% heal should be powerful, and therefore have less charges, otherwise what happens is that the game becomes a game of either 0% health or 100% health, as you can instantly heal anyone who takes significant damage and doesn’t die. I would like to see restore have something like 3 charges at lvl 5, and only hit 1 target throughout, but I would then suggest a bit of a buff to give more of a reason to increase its level. I think it would be fair if restore also gained a cure effect, removing maybe 1 debuff at lvl 3, 2 at lvl 4, and 3 at lvl 5. This would keep the ability as a powerful full heal to a target, without having it allow for nearly endless healing.

Endurance is also very powerful, mainly because of the stacking problem that many abilities have right now. I will address that problem later on. The increase in AP helps, but still, with 5 or so healers casting this, you can give your army so many hps that it is almost impossible to kill without instant kills or negates. Really though I think fixing stacking will help this problem greatly, and it is a very cool ability otherwise.

The changes to heal all have made it an incredibly powerful skill, and I think the charges may need to be reduced. With my 5 healer squad, I basically have around 6 heal alls where I pretty much always restore my squad to 100% health. That is fine since I have 5 units doing it, and I will have to stop to cure or resurrect, but it is just too many charges for that strong of an effect. 4 charges max at level 5 sounds about fair to me. I would be ok with increasing the minimum heal as well, as the range is quite broad, but thats just my preference.

Cure all I think is perfect right now. Limited charges on a powerful ability. The basic cure I think is ok, and will be a good ability for common+uncommons. Restore I feel should kind of be the higher powered version of cure, causing healing and curing together.

These changes may help give heal itself some use, as it has a good amount of charges, and is a cheap skill. I think I would prefer it doing something like 50-75 than 1-100 to make it more appealing at later levels, but regardless I think the skill will be useful on commons/uncommons because of high charges and decent healing, as long as the damage and other healing numbers are reduced. Right now, why would you heal when you have more charges of restore than you know what to do with!

I like the idea of changing consume, since it is fairly useless right now until lvl 5 since noone wants to sacrifice a unit to heal a portion of the healers health when they could just restore or heal themselves, and then having it become an incredibly strong ability at lvl 5… Instead I suggest that the target be sacrificed and the health transferred to another friendly target of your choice, and instead of giving fractional health, it could give a percentage (like 50-100 lvls 1-5) of the sacrificed units health to the new target, allowing his hps to go above normal, and also giving a boost to all core stats along the lines of 5-25% of the sacrificed units. These buffs could last for about 2-5 rounds, and for charges I would suggest about 3. Think of this more of a transfer life ability than a consume. Other units, such as vampires, could maintain their ability as consume and have a similar effect that only can be used on the caster/eater.

Here is another feature having to do with resurrect. Right now, the best way to combat healers with resurrect is to wait until round 3, and then unless a killing fury on key targets to finish them so they cannot be resurrected, or to kill a bunch of units and then retreat. I propose a solution to this, where dead bodies stay in armies as corpses. These corpses can be swapped out for other units, and I can imagine a slain army or entirely dead group could be shown on the map still and be resurrected or taunted at a later point. I think this would be a nice touch to the movement screen and help avoid those rather senseless strategies.

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