Maelkoth's Corner : Intelligence Based Targeting

Intelligence Based Targeting System

This is a bit of a radical idea, but I think this has a ton of potential. It will help to make units without strong targeted special attacks stronger, make leaders more important, and will make intelligence a useful option for all characters, as well as causing a low intelligence to actual be something that affects a character. This will also provide new options for effects of skills such as taunt, stealth, and camouflage by making the user harder to target (or easier for taunt), and pave the way for cool effects for possible new abilities such as defend and passive abilities that increase targeting capabilities such as tracking for dead-hunters and ravagers. I can’t wait to have a line of knights use a skill to defend my ranged units and actually have them not be able to be targeted by melee units.

The basic idea is that you will be able to choose a desired target for most attacks, including basic attacks, leaving out only specific abilities such as AoE attacks. However, none of this targeting will automatically work, even for abilities that are currently targeted such as killing blow. Instead, an intelligence roll would be required, something like roll + % of int + % of leaders int +- other modifiers. The difficulty to succeed being a set base number, with modifiers such as a penalty for melee attackers targeting ranged attackers, and I think a penalty/bonus based on squad order would be nice too. There is a lot of potential with squad orders here. I think a squad order that boosted this chance to target would be nice, as well as having orders such as charge reduce the % to target while making it easier to target your own range since your units will be more scattered, while hold the line would make it extremely difficult to target either ranged units.

The squad order ideas go along with an idea I had about squad orders. Basically I think that some of the bonus/penalty of the choices should apply even if you tie or lose. So if you charge and lose to attack, you still get a slight attack increase and a defense penalty. Winning would give a much greater boost to the positive part of the order. This provides more of a tactical element to choosing rather than just trying to outguess, which would still be important. Also I think with this a change to target one could be nice, making it a choice that simply buffs the chance to correctly target without giving buffs to anything else.

There is one thing I am unsure about. To go back to the original idea, if you fail the intelligence roll, the target would be picked randomly, based on squad orders I suppose. (This is where taunt would come in, it could increase the chance of the unit to be targeted by any random targeting.) But what happens if you fail to target a killing blow correctly? Does the new target get targeted with a killing blow and use a charge or does it revert to a basic attack? I’ve thought both ways through and I am simply not sure, I think either way has its pros and cons. Now I am all for options, and I think it may be possible to have a kind of toggle button on the ability to change which way it works, but I am not a programmer and I’m not sure how unwieldy that may be. If that is possible to integrate I think that would be another nice touch, otherwise I think I may prefer that if the targeting fails, a basic attack is used instead. Mainly though I like the idea of the toggle option on the skill itself, maybe changing the color of the highlighting on the ability when changed so you can tell either way. I see this as kind of being ‘Use death touch on the healer if you can, otherwise just attack whatever is around.’, or ‘Use death touch on anything, but if you can, find the healer.’, and I think both are usable in the same system.

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