This was an easy one for me to decide on. Aside from the questionable nature of abilities such as flight and double time stacking directly, it is also a problem for balance. It will encourage more variety as well as make abilities such as taunt less bothersome to balance if we introduce nerfed stacking, which means that each effect after the first one will be reduced in potency by some percentage. Rather than an ability such as darkness or taunt stacking and giving insane AF and DF penalties, and endurance giving insane hp boosts, they would eventually level off. Casting multiples of these abilities would still be very useful, as much of the effect would still take place and hitting is not guaranteed for the debuffs. This feature wouldn't have to be for every skill, as I think some abilities should not stack at all, such as flight and double time, and others could stack directly and be ok. I do feel that this is definitely an important feature to introduce for some skills though. - Maelkoth

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I just had a thought based of your percentage stacking idea, and that could be the idea of statistic bands that abilities effect. Wait, let me get some tea, one sec… ok. Now some thinking music. Ok. Right, so. We setup a series of stat bands. What I mean is that we have a natural stat range of 0-100, the second band is 101-200, the third is 201-300 etc. So for each champ, we can look at what the buff/debuff is doing to each stat (AF/DF would have slightly different bands, but I am unsure of the numbers we are naturally generating there).

So, I have an Legion Soldier with 40 strength, putting him in the first band for strength. I get use an ability that increases his strength. It operates at 100%. I have an ancient eternal at 115 strength, he is in band 2. I use an ability that increases his strength, and it operates at 60% of what it would have done to the soldier. The effectiveness of a buff is decreased based off what band each champs relevant stats are in.

And it would work the opposite way for debuffs. By this I mean the higher my base stats are, and the higher the band that stat occupies the more effective the attack. So you would be able to remove more strength from my ancient eternal, then from my Legion Soldier.

The idea then, is that you use buffs to increase the abilities of your common soldiers, but that they would have a lot less effect on your heroics, who do not really need them. You would use debuffs on the enemies heroics in order to bring their ability down to that of a more common unit.

So abilities then become a means to level the playing field, rather then a way to win outright. I think… I think thats how it would work. If your buffs are going to be more effective on your common champs, then I think you would see a lot more being featured in your line up.

Something like this would also mean that it is not about reducing any stat to zero, but simply lowering the champs effectiveness to do whatever it is that they do. It also means that in terms of debuffs, there is only so much you can do before it becomes an inefficient use of your resources.

So the idea I think, is to have the effectiveness of a buff/debuff based off the stats of the target, and have it changing with each buff/debuff. So the first taunt will effect my ancient eternal significantly, the 2nd will effect it less (if it has dropped down into the next band). It also means there is only so much we can buff a champ before it becomes a waste of a charge. I think the main thrust of this idea, is to limit our ability to sky-rocket our stats, while causing our opponents to sit on zero. If its relative to the target units stats, then zero should not be possible. Also, 700 morale would not be possible, or at least very hard to do.

I think this means that you would target high level champs, and rarer champs, with debuffs as you would likely have a higher impact on them. You are not trying to lock them out of the game, but reduce their ability to operate at 100% efficiency. And your common champs have a stronger role as they are able to be buffed more to bring them more in line with their more expensive counter-parts. The problem is in the fact that they will have to be buffed, where as the rarer champs come ready to go.

Anyway, this is me just rambling along with some thoughts, I'm not even sure where I was going with that but thought I should drop it down here for you to ponder.



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