Maelkoth's Corner : Weapons and Armor (And Mastery)

Weapons and Armor (and Mastery)

This is something that really is bothering me and I think is something that needs to be addressed. First, let me say that the idea of giving a bonus to things like damage, AF and DF for high level weapon/armor skills makes perfect sense and is a good thing. But, when you look at what these skills do to character builds right now, they are quite detrimental.

Because the bonuses are so large, these skills are basically must-haves, matching buffs from skills such as concentration and giving well more than skills such as precision, eagle eye, and even the updated camouflage, rendering these skills obsolete unless more ap is available. So what happens is that it helps to make higher level characters more powerful because they have access to the higher levels of the skills than lower level characters, and so get a big boost to af and df beyond the boost of having better stats etc.

Between characters of similar level, weapon and armor masteries simply cancel each other out, except for when attackers are not using basic attack type abilities, such as AoE, making debuffs significantly harder to hit with, which is OK i suppose but is kind of annoying in that it is the only real affect these skills have in combats of equal level characters.

Now, because of this, pretty much every character, even uncommons, must take armor mastery as much as possible, and any character that wants to do basic attack abilities must build towards weapon mastery. Characters not using basic attack can forgo weapon mastery and save some ap, but then they will be at a -50 af disadvantage to attacks. Because of all of this, characters wind up basically wasting 10 ap just to cancel out the 10 ap that the opponent will have wasted, otherwise it is just too much of an advantage. Now, this starts to cramp building styles for rares… uncommons become almost entirely one dimensional, as a level 10 uncommon winds up having the same ap flexibility as a level 10 common, with the only advantage of the masteries.

As a solution to this, I feel we need to way way way reduce the bonuses, and also change the type of modifiers between armor and weapons so that they do not simply cancel. For example, each weapon mastery could provide different bonuses, such as initiative, chance to stun, chance to dodge, chance to critical, bonuses to only maximum or min damage, special effects such as bleeding etc. Armor masteries could have things such as reduction of speed penalty, reduction of crit chance, and I am sure there are other possible effects.

Perhaps this would be something that went along with having each weapon/armor type be different anyway, such as axes providing accuracy penalties or daggers providing init bonuses or whatever else. With this, the mastery effects could be based on eliminating penalties and/or buffing the bonuses.

On a side note, one thing I think would be good to both make strength more useful for all characters (ranged) and provide more of a distinction between light and heavy armors besides how good they are, PV, and speed penalties, is a weight allowance system. Each item could be assigned a weight, and based on strength, or str + con, or whatever stats that are felt appropriate, each character would have a weight allowance. Characters could go above this, but would gain increasing levels of encumbrance, giving penalties to speed, and perhaps even AF and DF. This could be separated, so maybe the first level of encumbrance gives -X% speed, while having 3 levels of encumbrance gives much more speed penalty as well as -AF -DF. As we move to a paper doll inventory setup, this could become a very well integrated system.

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