Out Of Game


Will I lose all my units at the end of beta?

- Yes… but let me clarify.

Account Wipe: At the end of beta, all of our accounts will be reset. Wiped clean. Yes, this does mean all of your units will be gone. But fear not, the good people at 7L's have promised all who complete the beta checklist (2 unranked games, 15 ranked games) and do the beta surveys, will be rewarded. Every account in the continuum will be given 15 or so units for free, and these are yours to use and grow as you wish. These starter units however, will not be tradeable. For completing the beta checklist (located on your profile page on the main website), we will also be given a small amount of Element to spend. I suspect this will not be anywhere near Beta proportions of Element, but we will be taken care of.

What about my Wins/Loses?

- All gone. We will all start completely fresh. The only advantage beta testers will have is personal experience and familiarity with gameplay.

So… I will have to pay money for this game?

- Not during beta. Beta is completely free. Post-launch free options will remain, but if you want to increase your army in any significant manner you will have to purchase packs, much like you do now. When purchasing packs, you will see there is also a dollar amount attributed to each pack. You can use this to work out your approximate cost of the army you have currently. I have an army of 300, and the complete disruption set, I worked out it would have cost me about $60 for that, so approximately 20 cents per unit. I like to use my entire army, others will only use their best 20 units. So it is possible with a bit of savvy trading to pay very little and still do quite well for yourself.

Wait, you mentioned trading… How do I do that?

- Er… well… that's still in the works, and is not available during beta. However, this is a collectible game, and a significant part of all of these types of games is trading. And it will be so with the continuum.

How do I increase my Skill?

- Skill is a measure of how well you have been performing relative to others playing the game. If you string together a number of wins, your skill will increase. If you beat a player of a higher skill, your skill will increase. Currently it does not seem to be going down… but as it is working off a modified ELO rating, I imagine it will.

What's this Title business, and why am I a wretch?

- This is a measure of how active you are in the community. At the moment it is increased through playing games (both wins and loses), and through earning awards. In the future, there will be many more ways to increase your title points, and thus show how much you have contributed to the community. And to the wretch question… this is simply the lowest title, getting a few games under your belt will quickly remedy that situation.

When the Dev's aren't on, some players go a bit crazy crazy… what should we do?

- Yes, I've noticed this too. If someone's conduct is unsavory, or abusive, then you should report them to moc.muunitnoceht|oy#moc.muunitnoceht|oy
We want the continuum to be a pleasant, enjoyable atmosphere. One that is welcoming and friendly. If someone is behaving in a manner that is counter-productive to that, then you should let the devs know.

What do I do if I have more questions?

- Just ask. Most players are willing to take the time to help you understand things.

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