Roleplaying Rules

Welcome to the Role-playing Forums-

Just like a free-form jazz session, a game module, or any good improv act, for it to be successful and enduring, a loose set of parameters needs to be established:

  • Be sure and read The Continuum comics issues #1, 2, and 3 to give you the background for what is starting to happen in the strange new land formed from the four collapsed realities making up The Crossworld (find Issue 1 here, Issue 2 here, and Issue 3 here).
  • The characters from the comics (Thomas of Strahmgard, Merak, etc) will make appearances here from time-to-time. When these characters arrive, your character and the scene that it’s in just might make it into the official Continuum narrative.
  • Balance your role, rather than over-exaggerating powers or experiences that your character has had. E.G. “I stepped into the pub, fresh from rescuing a town single-handedly from 200 vampires with only a wooden practice sword….” Keeping characters “authentic” and within The Continuum’s established “balance of power” will make for richer and sustained role-play for everyone.
  • Threads taking place in geography that exists in the official Continuum narrative (E.G New Fimbuhl) will periodically be initiated by 7L. Travel to and describe existing landmarks after we create threads based there or after they’ve shown up in the official Continuum storyline. However, please feel free to offer up additional places of interest to explore outside of the official Continuum narrative.
  • Narrators for The Continuum will unveil major narrative events that your characters can take part in (the sighting of an elite vampire, a disruption, a large scale battle, sweeping political movements, etc). During these events, look for motivations to be assigned to your character as you investigate/take part in the event.
  • Avoid references to items from the official Continuum narrative as being your own or in your possession, lest other RP-ers become confused about The Continuum's narrative continuity. Many in this forum will have the opportunity to rub elbows with the game's narrative characters, but until the items show up in the game, they'll be with those characters that own them.
  • Play as your Username in The Continuum. Using other names, even consistently, is confusing for the other RPers trying to follow the story, so even if your Username isn't exactly perfect for the name of a character you'd like to play as, the other players will forgive you.

Note: If one of your threads catches on, and you wish to make the thread a sticky for the RP forums (so that new visitors and RP-ers can get the background), send a PM to TheWizard or send an moc.muunitnoceht|oy#liam-e requesting it. If the thread qualifies as a main RP thread, we may set it up as a sticky for a limited period of time.


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