A world where all beings can shift from human form to that of a beast. Eternal beings from this world have chosen to stay in their bestial form. These Eternals sometimes form a union or bond with one of their shapeshifting brethren. The Bonded unit and their Eternal partner can utilize devastating coordinated attacks against their unlucky opponents.

The History

The People

  • Ancients
    • Ancients are a noble race of beings that can shapeshift between dragons and human form. The Ancients hadn’t been seen in over 150 years prior to the Disruption and were thought to be extinct. They had retreated as a race to the highest of mountains- higher than the strongest Talon could reach- to escape the constant conflict and erosion of civility between the other shapeshifting races.
  • Kherr
    • The Kherr are a fiercely loyal race of beings that can shapeshift between wolf and human form. Living in harmony with the land, the Kherr use their ability to adapt and conceal themselves within their terrain to their advantage. Kherr are cunning melee warriors whose agility is only matched by their refusal to surrender.
  • Talon
    • The Talon are an agile race of beings that can shapeshift between great eagle and human form. With their superior vision and view from above, the Talon can inflict crippling ranged attacks with little risk of taking damage themselves. Talon are adept at civic rule and have great skills at fostering commerce between groups, usually to their own benefit.
  • Ferran
    • The Ferran are a ferocious race of beings that can shapeshift between great cats and human form. The Ferran are dim, impulsive brutes who bite and slash their way to getting what they want. Ferran are not known for their great strength or strategic prowess, but they make up for it with speed, razor sharp teeth, and long claws. Ferran are nomadic by nature and typically overwhelm foes with superior numbers and lightning-quick surprise attacks.
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