Special Tiles

_Special Tiles - Special Tiles are represented by yellow or green colored bases with an object or scene atop the base (see fig N below). The yellow-based tiles bestow powerful buffs (health, morale, speed, etc) to the squad to aid in battle and movement. The green-based tiles, which typically yield equipment, need to be search/mined to produce their benefit. This is done by landing on the tile and hitting the search/mine button (see fig O below). The search/mine action requires that you have at least one movement point remaining, and will exhaust any additional movement points that your squad has for the movement turn. Each Special Tile has a certain amount of “charges” that are denoted by the number on the left-hand side of it’s base. Once the charge number has reached zero, that tiles resources have been exhausted. Lastly, any equipment yielded from a special tile cannot be equipped and used by your characters during this match-up, but can be equipped in the collection section for your next match.

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