User Interface

Here are some tips for the Interface of the Game

Tabs & Buttons you will use Out of Combat


  • Lobby - The general meeting spot to chat and challenge.
  • Collection - Here you can upgrade units, organize armies and check out your equipment.
    • Units - Allows you to check out each individual aspect of your troops.
    • Armies - Create an Army and fill it with squads full of troops.
    • Equipment - Look at the loot you snagged in battle.
  • Marketplace - Open up a new window for the Marketplace on the website.
  • Help - Help with the game.
  • Players - Who's in the room you are currently in.
  • Challenges - Who has open challenges, create an open challenge or look at your challenges.
  • Allies - Who you are allied with. And who has requested to by your ally.
  • Single Player - Where one can do the various single player quests
  • Tutorials - Video guides on how to do most things in the game


  • Private Message - send a tell to the highlighted person.
  • Challenge - Send a challenge to the person highlighted.
    • Accept Challenge
    • Decline Challenge
  • View Profile - Check out someone's profile, battle records and awards.

Other useful ones

  • Sort by:
    • Name - Alphabetical sorting of players in room. Repeated clicks change from ascending to descending order.
    • Skill - Skill level sorting of players in room. Repeated clicks change from descending to ascending order.
  • Allow Incoming Challenges - With a checkmark means you want to fight, without one means you do not.
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